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Agbor Balla, Fontem Neba and 54 other detainees released.

Kinnaka’s blog has just confirmed the release of Agbor Balla, Fontem Neba and 54 other anglophone detainees arrested in connection with the Anglophone problem. The detainees were received by the Governors of the two anglophone regions (the North West and South West regions of Cameroon).

Each of the freed anglophone detainees received a warm handshake from the governor of their region before reuniting with their families (after spending 7-8 months in Kodengi prison).


The interviewed detainees describe how horrible (deplorable) their experience in Kodengi was. One handicapped detainee interviewed by Equinox TV, said despite his condition, he wasn,t given any special treatment while in detention. However the detainees still thank God and Paul Biya for their release. Altogether 55 anglophone detainees has been released (including Justice Ayah Paul Abine; who was released yesterday).

It should be noted that not all the detainees were released. 24 detainees including Mancho Bibixy, Senator  Penn are still in detention. Their fate will be determine on the 28th of september (at the next hearings).

It is important to note that the case files of all the freed Anglophone detainees have not be burnt by president Paul Biya i.e. the freed detainees can still be rearrested and justice will continue from where it was discontinued (stopped) by president Biya. In otherwords the longevity of the freedom of the freed anglophone detainees is at the mercy of president Paul Biya.

In my opinion, the release of the some of the Anglophone detainees may just be another political experiment that president Paul Biya is trying to conduct on the Anglophone problem. I,m very convinced that after the release of some of the Anglophone leaders, if school doesn,t resume come september 4th and Ghost towns still continues and more effectively than before, there,s a high probability that the freed detainees will be rearrested (if they have not already gone on self exile yet). This is just my opinion and not a fact.

Keep abreast with Kinnaka’s blog for information about the fate of our other Anglophone brothers and sisters still in detention and don,t forget to pray for them. Kodengi is a microcosm of hell.

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