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Ayah Paul Abine is demanding Fcfa 100billion from Biya Government – Here is why!

On August 30th, Kinnakas Blog learnt that Ayah Paul Abine’s party; the Popular Action Party ( PAP) issued a communiqué concerning the release of its president, retired magistrate Ayah Paul Abine.

The content of the Communique revealed that Ayah Paul Abine,s party (PAP) together with the African Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms has already filed a complaint  against the government of Cameroon demanding 100 billion FCFA  for the “arbitrary and abusive detention” of its President; Ayah Paul Abine.

Through the PAP communique, PAP also proposed solutions which could restore order if they are implemented by president Biya,s government. Some of the solutions include;

  • The release all persons still imprisoned in connection with the crisis and to pay compensation to all families who have lost members in this crisis, as well as to anyone who has been abused by the government because of this Anglophone crisis.
  • All political exiles must be allowed to return to Cameroon.
  • The English-speaking areas be demilitarized.

According to Ayah Paul Abine’s party, the 3 solutions mentioned above will pave the way for a frank dialogue to be opened between the Anglophone leaders and the authorities in the presence of a third party as recommended by the UN “.

As a reminder, the Popular Action party, which was named People’s Action Party before June 2016, was created by Paul Ayah Abine after his resignation from the CPDM. The seat of this party is installed in the town of Bomaka in the Southwest. In 2011, the PAP presented its president as candidate for the presidential election. The latter came out 5th after having collected 61,158 votes, that is a percentage of 1,264%.

The $1 million question that many Cameroonians are asking is…


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