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BREAKING NEWS!!! Sacred Heart College Mankon Heavily Destroyed by Fire

Kinnakas blog just learnt that Secret Heart College; a Catholic boarding school in Cameroon best known for its outstanding results at the Cameroon GCE O and Advance Level, was set on fire yesterday night (the 18th of september night).

A group called Ambaland Qwifors has already claim responsibility for the attack through the Social Media.

No human casualty has been reported, but material damages seem huge.

It should be noted that prior to this incident, the leaders of the mission schools were taken to court by a consortium of Parents for not allowing the mission schools to open their doors last academic year and one of the reasons the clergy men gave for not allowing the their schools in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon to open their doors was insecurity. However the consortium of parents thought that was just a flimsy excuse due to the fact that the Government of Cameroon had promise to provide security 24/7 to Government, Mission and even the lay Private Schools in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon.What happened yesterday night will help to vindicate the clergymen. Truly there,s little security and all schools need to be closed till the Anglophone Crisis is settled.  As of now, Southern Cameroon not conducive for learning and in my own opinion, “Parents who are sending their children to school in Southern Cameroon don,t love their Children”.

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