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Brenda Biya Will Sit For The 2017 Entrance Examination Into ENAM

For the past fews weeks an unfounded news has been spreading on the social media that Brenda Biya; the 20yrs old daughter of the president of Cameroon will sit for the 2017 session of the entrance examination in to ENAM. We have now officially confirmed that information to be true.

Cameroon’s First Daughter whose real name is Biya Eyenga Elle Anastasie Brenda, will sit for the 2017 ENAM examination. Simply put, the president ,s daughter will sit on the same bench, in the same hall with ordinary Cameroonians, to write the competitive entrance examination into the Higher National School of Administration and Magistracy – ENAM.

The list of candidates who met the required criteria to sit for the examination was released yesterday Sept. 8, 2017, and Brenda Biya,s name is the number 325th name on the list.

Take a look at the picture below. Thats her name  ( the number 325th name on the list).

Brenda will be siting in for Cycle B of the Administration Division. Thats just the names of the candidates that will sit for the 2017 Enam examination.

The motive behind the Head of States decision to have his daughter sit among other Cameroonians for this examination, is still puzzling. Some say it is what they call ‘Equal opportunity  for all Cameroonians‘, while others say it is a strategy for the 2018 big game.

What do you think? leave a comment below…

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  1. Nkengafac clovis mbetem

    It’s very normal for the daughter of the president to sit in for the copetitive examination in to ENAM.we shouldn’t feel that she is tha empty; she has gone to school like others if she will make then is should b left in the hands of the persons in charge of the enrolment she like others have equal rights to sit in be it what so ever examination of her choice. Everything does not depends on bribe as we hold i say no thanks for this. Chance

  2. Stop this media stun. She is not more cameroonian than the peasants don or daughter sitting in for the same exam.
    We should rather question the integrity with which exams are conducted in Cameroon. It’s an elite school with a drafted political agender aim at protecting the interest of one group of people period.

  3. Yes that is how it supposed to be because they are some presidents that will not let their children to write any examination with commoners…So i think he is doing the write thing.