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Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV) Launches a News Blog.

The Cameroon Radio Television AKA CRTV just launched a news blog. The blog was designed to serve as a platform where the Anglophone Cameroonians (especially those in the diaspora), can fact check all the news they read on the social networking platforms like Facebook, Whats App and from the numerous Cameroon gossip news blog.

According to information we got from a reliable source, the creation of this blog was motivated by the harsh reactions of the Cameroonians in the diaspora when Laurent Esso and other Government officials were sent to the Diaspora to discuss about the Anglophone problem. According to the Government its the numerous fakes news about the government that has poluted the minds of the Cameroonians in the diaspora.

The blog was launched today and 8 articles already published so far. Just like the CRTV channel the content of the blog is biased and Pro Biya,s regime.



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