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The court case against religious authorities withdrawn

Just like we predicted, the court case against the religious authorities have been withdrawn. The clergymen can now read the bible with a cool head.

The court cases that were filed in by the “Consortium of Parents” were dropped simultaneously in Buea and Bamenda this Monday the 25th September, 2017 in accordance with section 64 of the Cameroon Penal Code; which permits the Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals, to order the discontinuance and withdrawal of a case, referred to in judicial parlance as “nolle prosequi”. Nolle prosequi as stated in section 64 of the Cameroon Penal Code permits the Attorney General of a court of justice to order the discontinuance of proceedings if it could contribute to social unrest or public disorder.

The Attorney General of the Bamenda Court of Appeal, Chief Justice Njie Albert Nganje gave this pronouncement after multiple adjournments of the hearings. While putting an end to the legal proceedings, the presiding judge advanced four reasons for the multiple adjournments of the hearings; persistent neglect,resistance,refusal of tax and misappropriation and false pretenses.

The Consortium of parents asked for the payment of damages but the plea was over ruled by the presiding Judge, Justice Bikele Theresa. Barrister Sendze Luke; head of the lead counsel of the Consortium of Parents that is prosecuting the church leaders, expressed regret that the court did not levy charges on the church leaders for time wasted.

In my opinion, the decision by the lead counsel of the Consortium of Parents to withdraw the case against the clergy men was not out of good faith.

In our article about the fire incident in Secred Heart College, Mankon, we clearly stated that the incident will help to vindicate the clergy men who have been taken to court by a consortium of parents. The Bamenda Archdiocese  and the Cameroon Baptist Convention in the North West and South West region of Cameroon were dragged to court by the Consortium of Parents for closure of schools despite the fact that parents had paid fees. The consortium of  Parents asked for  FCFA 150 billion fine.

It should be noted that one of the reasons the clergy men (the defense counsel) gave for not allowing the their schools in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon to open their doors was insecurity. However the consortium of parents thought that was just a flimsy excuse due to the fact that the Government of Cameroon had promise to provide security 24/7 to Government, Mission and even the lay Private Schools in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon.The fire incident at Secred Heart College Mankon vindicated the clergymen and nullified the charges levied against them. The fire incident clearly proofed that there was little security and all schools needed to be closed till the Anglophone Crisis is completely settled.

After the fire incident at Secred Heart Mankon, Barrister Sendze Luke; head of the lead counsel of the Consortium of Parents, must have advised the consortium of parents to withdraw the case in order to avoid the disgrace of losing hence the ulterior reason why the case was withdrawn unexpectedly.



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