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DJ Khaled Before and After (from nobody to somebody).

Your Tomorow must be greater than today!.

5 days ago DJ Khaled; (the popular American DJ and record producer),  shared photos he took long time ago; when he was still working as a radio DJ in Miami, Florida.The photos clearly explains DJ Khaled success story.

The fat rich DJ Khaled  who always talk about money, we the best etc wasn,t born rich or with a golden spoon. DJ Khaled started from the bottom and by the special grace of God and hardwork, he arrived at the Top. This is not only HipHop superstar who started from the bottom. Rick Ross (AKA Boss), has worked as a cleaner. Iggy Azalea was a bartender…

So keep working hard and praying. One day God will handle your case file.  Just like Timaya said, LIFE NA TURN BY TURN. No give up before God reach your turn.

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