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The Government of Cameroon addresses the root cause of road accidents


After an investigation in to the main cause of the recent road accidents in Cameroon, the Government of Cameroon has finally concluded that human error is the main cause of most road accidents in Cameroon.

This information was released to the press during a press briefing organised this Thursday 6th September which was attended by officials of the Ministry of Public Works, Transport, Territorial Adminstration and Decentralisation, National Gendarmerie and Delegation of National Security

The Minister and road safety actors discussed the causes of road accidents stating that 70% of accidents are due to human error, 20% attributed to bad roads and 10% for technical reason.

On human causes, officials pointed out situations where road safety enforcement officials cover up defaulters in exchange for bribes.The Gendarmerie representative said repressesive measures including definite and indefinite suspension are metted to these corrupt officials.

Still discussing human causes, there was mention of speed measuring raders that have been installed along major highways and fines levied on defaulters as a measure to check overspeeding.

Discussing the bad state of roads, the assembly got the assurance that repair works will soon begin along some strategic stretches that have been greatly damaged.

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Fighting Road accidents: Government faces the bull by the horn.

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