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Hon Wirba Joseph the perfect definition of a Parliamentarian

If there,s only one parliamentarian in Cameroon who have understood the definition of the term parliamentarian and the functions of a Parliamentarian, its Honorable Wirba Joseph.

Let me quickly define the term, for benefit of the parliamentarians in Cameroon who don,t know the definition of the term or the duties of parliamentarian, a Parliamentarian is person elected by the people in a particular community (their constituency) to present their problems to the ruling government. So the function of a parliamentarian is just to present the problems (views) of the people in a particular community and bring feedback from the Government.

So a parliamentarian isn,t elected because he,s the wisest person in a particular but because he will be bold enough to present the problems or views of his people despite intimidation or threats from the ruling Government. This is exactly what Hon Wirba Joseph is doing.

In a true democratic society, a parliamentarian is just like a spokesman of his constituency i.e. whatever he says or do in the House of Assembly should be exactly what he has been instructed to say or do from his constituency.

In Cameroon we have parliamentarians who think they are wiser that everybody in their constituency.When a bill is passed, they impulsively vote it without consulting the opinion of the people they represent. Afterall nobody is wiser than them.

They only visit their constituency when election in drawing near… probably to donate bags of rice and win votes.

In a true  democratic society a parliamentarian is suppose to be the most popular person in a particular community as the person who plays a very important role in the development of their community. But that,s not the case in Cameroon. Only a handful of people know the parliamentary representing their so called views in the House of Assembly. Very few people know them because they rarely comes to sample the opinion of the people they claim to represent.

Summarily, Hon Wirba Joseph is a perfect definition of parliamentarian.



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