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Hope of Commonwealth intervention in the Anglophone crises

The North West and South West Regions of Cameroon are the only link the Commonwealth has with Cameroon so the Commonwealth can not just pretend to sit quite when these regions are in crises. It is in this light that Patricia Scotland, Commonwealth Secretary General, has said she will be in Cameroon by the end of the year to deepen the secretariat’s ongoing engagement with the country’s political leaders.

She said this while speaking to the BBC World Service’s Focus on Africa radio programme on September 2017, Secretary-General Scotland said she welcomed a decision by the Cameroonian government to discontinue charges against detained political leaders.

She said: “I continue to follow the developments in southwest and northwest Cameroon and have had several opportunities to raise concerns – including the allegations of human rights violations – with the government.
“On the government’s request, I sent a Commonwealth team to Cameroon in June to discuss how we can assist in the full implementation of its National Governance Strategy, which reflects Commonwealth values of peace, tolerance, respect and understanding.”

In discussions with the government of Cameroon and all stakeholders, the Secretariat has emphasised the need for inclusive and constructive dialogue, the Secretary-General said. The Secretariat was “committing itself to action and not just rhetoric”, she added.

The Secretary General’s announcement is coming at a time when many have condemned Britain’s silence over the plight of English speakers in the country. But the Secretary-General’s statements over the BBC, reveals that the body has been working underground.

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  1. Why are u guys always late in every thing? Am beginning to have a mix feeling for all these so call international organizations.

  2. wirba Sylverius Fonyuy

    Personally I welcome the idea of the common wealth to intervain in the problems of anglophone Cameroonians.That gives us hope that one day Britain will step in the restore the plight of the people she calls her own and save them from the servitude of Paul biya and his regime. We need to have self government, we need to reclaim our British parliamentary institutions. We think that the time is now.

  3. I am pleased with the decision taken by the Common wealth to intervain in this problem. The anglophones have been marginalized for so long. The people are in agony,and need such interventions. I wish Common wealth persuads UN to work with them and prevent this problem from going out of control. Afraid history can repeat itself. Remember 6 April 1994?,the Rwanda genocide,an incide not to even recal. We are not too far from this if something is not done. Can we count the number of anglophones that have already lost their lives?,not to talk of those in person,those suffering from post traumatic rape syndrome,and what have we.