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Is Bandy Kiki of Kinnakas Blog an AIDS Patient???

The numerous controversial and divisive posts which has been published on Kinnakas blog by Bandy Kiki,s  has taunted and prompted so many angry Anglophone Cameroonians to carry out a background check on Bandy Kiki so as to find out who this blogger at Kinnakas Blog is. Their findings was so shocking. Bandy Kiki of Kinnakas Blog is an ‘Aids Patient’ .. a healthy carier. 


Looking at how pretty and healthy Bandy Kiki is, it will be very hard for many people (especially the people full with the spirit of lust) to believe this report but this report is verified and authentic. Unlike Bandy Kiki I don,t publish fake news.

This report was released by Political Corruption; the same people who leaked president Paul Biya,s 2016 end of year speech and the mayor of Buea; Patrick Ekema Esunge fake GCE Certificate.Today its Bandy Kiki HIV report.

My advice to her boy friends (the potential HIV carriers) is that they shouldn,t forget to use their Condom (if they are not already contaminated by her). There was a certain rumour about Bandy Kiki being a Lesbian that was circulating in the social Media. When i heard the rumour i was soooo happy. Not because i support lesbianism but because lesbianism will stop her from spreading the deadly HIV virus.

For those of you who think this is a rumour, there,s an iota of truth in every rumour.


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