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Why Issa Tchiroma Think There’s No Anglophone Problem

Just like any other Anglophone Cameroonian, i have often wondered why most government officials keep on denying the fact that there’s an Anglophone problem. First it was Atanga Nji Paul; an Anglophone minister, who first said there was no Anglophone problem. Today its Issa Tchiroma Bakari.

In an exclusive interview with Prince Nfor Hanson of Equinox TV, The Minister of Communication clearly said “there’s no anglophone problem in Cameroon”. He made that statement after the street protest that took place in the North West and South West region of Cameroon on the 22nd of September,2017.

He said all the problems presented by the Lawyers and Teachers have already been addressed. He added that the problems which have been labelled the “Anglophone problem” by secessionist are not Anglophone problems but  general problems. In other words the problems faced by the Anglophone people is the same problems faced by Cameroonians in other regions of Cameroon. So its therefore a general problem and not an Anglophone problem.

This explains why for close to 9 months, the government of Cameroon is only bent on using coercive tactics to solve the Anglophone crisis. This is because they don,t believe there’s an anglophone problem.

Watch how he defends this claim!

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