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Issa Tchiroma,s Reason Why the Request for Federalism or Succession by Some Anglophone Cameroonians is a taboo


Even though the Cameroon minister of Communication; Issa Tchiroma is just a mere spokesman for president Biya and is not to be held responsible for many of the things he says or do but president Biya, however apart from reading the scripts presented to him by president Biya to the Press and the masses, Issa Tchiroma has in many occasions, clearly voiced out his opinion about the request for Federalism and Independence by the Anglophone Cameroonians.

He has repeated many times that Cameroon is one and indivisible and that Federalism or Independence is a taboo and Amazonia; an imaginary nation or an e-nation.But he never gave any reason why he disliked the idea. Due to that, so many anglophone Cameroonians have concluded that  Issa Tchiroma hates the Anglophone Cameroonians and don,t want them to regain their freedom. Which is not true.

On the 16th of August, when Issa Tchiroma was commenting on the mean acts of vandalism perpetrated by Anglophone Cameroonians in the diaspora (when delegations from Cameroon were dispatched abroad to explain to compatriots of the diaspora the situation in the English speaking South West and North West regions of Cameroon), the Minister of Communication gave a clear and comprehensible reason as to why he dislikes the Idea of Federalism or Independence and it has nothing to do with Anglo-phobia.

This is what Issa Tchiroma said….

The founding fathers of our nation left a country at the cost of their blood, their sufferings, their lives, that they shaped this Cameroon, it is therefore an individual and collective responsibility to honour the memory of those who departed and to transmit this heritage.

He added that all Cameroonians, Christians, Muslims, and animists, English or French, from North to South, East to West are determined to fight until the last drop of their blood to keep the nation united, strong and prosperous.

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  1. As u rightly said it has nothing to do with the anglophone crisis