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Kinnaka’s Reply To The Comments on “President Trump Dina With President Paul Biya” Post.

So many people have left negative comments on my post about Trump having Dinner with Biya on Facebook and because i can,t reply to every single comment. i decided to write this article.

Without wasting your time and mine too, let me just go straight to the point….

The information on President Trump dinner with H.E Paul Biya article was based on the facts presented on President Paul Biya’s Official Twitter and Facebook Page.

The picture above clearly suggest that President Biya was on his way to the Luncheon organised by President Trump on the 20th of September. The photo was published on the 20th of September, 2o17 i.e. the same day President Trump had dinner with the president of Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Nambia, Nigeria, Senegal, Uganda and South Africa.”

Maybe upon his arrival at the reception,   he was notified by the receptionist that his name wasn,t on the list of presidents invited to the Luncheon. Whatever be the case, it’s left to president Biya to tell the people of Cameroon which Luncheon he was invited to and not Kinnaka’s Blog.

At Kinnaka’s Blog we publish facts and let our facts (source) speak for themselves. That’s what we will continue to do.

Apart from that, i don,t see any reason why there should be so much interest in President Trump having dinner with Paul Biya.  In case you don,t know, President Biya was invited to New York to take part in the deliberations of the 72nd UN general assembly meeting and not to attend President Trump’s luncheon.

Those who think Donald Trump will be of great help to Africa or Cameroon obviously haven,t understood the meaning of Donald Trump’s “AMERICA FIRST” slogan.

In case you don,t know, the slogan simply means  GIVE YOUR OIL, GOLD, RUBBER, DIAMOND etc, TO “AMERICA FIRST” before we can intervene in your crisis.

So what can Southern Cameroon offer in return for the help they are  clamouring for???

That’s the $64,000 question that the Southern Cameroonians should try to get answer to, if they really want Trump to intervene in the Anglophone crisis and not why Trump invited or didn,t invite H.E. Paul Biya to his Luncheon.

H.E. Paul Biya will be speaking at the UN General Assembly meeting today, the 22nd of September. That,s what the Southern Cameroonians AKA Ambazonians should focus their attention on.




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  1. Southern Cameroon has the oil to offer if that is what you want